The theme for UT Energy Week 2021 was Energy Transition: Agents of Change, Changing Agents. The energy transition – achieving a sustainable and just global energy system – is already underway and efforts to reach to net-zero globally by 2050 will require unprecedented rate and scale of change to our energy infrastructure in a way that will profoundly rewrite global socio-economics. Over the last decade, many business, government, and community leaders and organizations—the agents of change—have initiated and led this ongoing transformation. And, in turn, their own views, priorities, commitments, and determination to go down this unprecedented journey have evolved and are continuously shaped by global changes in health, politics, technology, and civic engagement.

UT Energy Week 2021 focused on the intertwined dynamics of how leaders and organizations in the public, private, and non-profit sectors balance the complex suite of pull-and-pushes to position their organizations and communities to not only lead in the energy transition, but also become more equitable and resilient in the process.